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game highlights


Fast Dueling Card Game

  • Simultaneous play
  • 10 minute games

No random packs

  • The Core Set and all expansions come with every card in the set
  • Buy once and done!

Great Deckbuilding

  • Build an army with any 1 or 2 factions
  • All cards are playable turn 1
  • No resource cards - everything is either a Creature or Spell

Fresh new mechanics

  • All creatures have a Speed value for scouting and other effects
  • All cards are placed faced down in secret into each rank
  • Plan your entire turn in advance, try to guess your opponent's strategy
  • Faster scouts hit opponents immediately
  • Start with 3 gems to play more powerful cards - use them wisely!

Coming Soon!

The game was funded on Kickstarter in 2017 and we will launch the expansion soon!


quick how-to-play

Set Up

Each player starts with the following:

  • A deck of 50 or more cards
  • 15 Health
  • 3 Gems
  • Draw 7 cards

Draw & Rank Phase

  • Draw 1 card
  • Open a new Rank (a space for player's to play cards)
  • If there is already a Rank in play, the new Rank will be next to the last one. 
  • This newest Rank is also used as the Scouting rank for this turn

Deploy Phase

  • Place up to 1 card in each open Rank faced down
  • You may only place creatures in the newest rank (Scouting rank)

When both players are done, move to next phase

Scouting Phase

  1. Reveal cards in the newest Rank
  2. Check speeds of the Creatures here
  3. The fastest Creature deals it's damage immediately to opponent (tie means no damage dealt)
  4. Resolve any 'When Revealed' effects

Engage Battlefield

Each Rank performs these steps starting with the Rank next to the newest Rank

  1. Reveal cards
  2. Resolve any 'When Revealed' effects and Spell cards
  3. Engage any creatures here:
  4. Both creatures do damage to each other based on their attack value
  5. If any damage is equaled to or exceeds the health value of the creature, that creature is destroyed
  6. If there is only 1 creature, do it's damage directly to opponent

Winning the Game

The game ends immediately if any of these occur:

  • A player's health is 0 or less
  • 5 Turns have completed (If the player's health is tied, play a 6th turn)

Forged Realms armies



Theme - Heavy armored

Strategy - Outlast, break opponent's army moral, good card drawing

Weakness - Slow, very few flankers and little direct damage

The human army of Honor...

is not what it use to be.  Great cities have fallen and borders shrunk.  Attrition has taken it's toll with the many skirmishes that took place while trying to hold on to too much.

Now, lead by a Knight Lord, the Honor faction is holding many outposts, keeps and villages along the edges of the realm.

Recently, the mages have discovered a way to use Arcane Powder to deadly effect. With this new ability, knights from all over have joined together to push for new borders once again.



Theme - Direct fire damage

Strategy - Blast holes through ranks

Weakness - Very fragile, may destroy themselves at times


Like the humans, the goblins once proud tribes that stretched from coast to coast have been smashed and scattered during the Great War. Most have taken refuge in a variety of mountain caves.

But what they found there is that these deep underground caverns only enhanced their natural power to create and control fire.  And with this new pure fire magic, the Goblin King of the Char faction looks to destroy their enemies, reclaim their land, and expand their borders to the edges of the Realm!



Theme - Speed and Ranged

Strategy - Win scouting, pick off weak units, use swift units to back-fill ranks

Weakness - Very weak to direct damage, must destroy units with ranged or risk losing ranks

(under construction by author)



Theme - Undying ranks of undead

Strategy - Swarm opponent with reanimated units and fliers, corpse explode holes in ranks

Weakness - Horrible scouts, no armor, weak direct damage

(under construction by author)

Highlander (future faction)


(under construction by author)

Torment (future faction)


(under construction by author)